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Hi - I have a fairly simple database of two sets of numbers - group and ID.  I need to make a webpage that the user would enter the group number and it would show the applicable IDs associated with the group.  The database is currently in Excel, but it can be exported to anything.  I don't know SQL so I am not sure if this is possible in just HTML.  Thanks for the help.   == Rob ==
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GrandSchtroumpfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should definitely not load the entire file into memory.
Just read some bytes at a time.
This is is an example that echoes a file:

  function echoFile($filename) {

    $myhandle = fopen($filename, 'r');
    while($mybuffer = fread($myhandle, 512)) {
      echo $mybuffer;


512 is the number of bytes read, so if your records are fixed byte-size, that's easy to do:
Just add a test in the while loop, adjust the size of the buffer and you are done!
...but a slight corruption in the file and it won't work anymore.
You'll need to do some benchmarking, but i think it's a workable solution.
What is the back end technology?
AJAX can be a solution for you. But all depends on your approach
RobincogAuthor Commented:
Like using an get command in XML?

Anyway - linux box server, Java2SDK only no servlets, standard stuff as well perl, C, PHP4 - all could be solutions if needed, but I was also wondering if there was a much more simple, though less elegant HTML solution?

                == Rob ==
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If there is not too much data, you can use a flat text file to store your data.
Then use php to read the file and only return the data that has been asked.
XML will be much heavyer.
RobincogAuthor Commented:
There is a minimum of 3,000 records (1,500 of each), and a max of 22,000 (11,000 of each) but the first column is only six digits and the second is eight.  I could sub-divide the records into major groups 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, etc if that makes it into a managable size for the lookup.
ClickCentricConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a simple but less elegant solution in just html.  Create a select box with all of the records as name/value pairs.  Then the user can just select the record number from a list.  Or, if a type in and lookup solution is preferred, a simple javascript call could do this.  However, be warned that this could be quite a slow page load.
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