2 web servers and 1 domain

    I have my website running on a Linux box with Apache and PHP.   My email server is running on an NT 4.0 server.  Email software has webmail, web server to serve webmail

I downloaded several freeware php programs to use as webmail.  I installed them on the Linux box so it can serve the php webmail pages and have them access my NT 4.0 email server (Using POP).  It fetches the mail fine, the problem is, I can't send using SMTP and PHP.   When I go to my NT box, it has winsock errors using SMTP, but I can use any (LINUX or Windows) client mail software to send emails and that works great, just not with PHP.

My question is:  My email server software on the NT 4.0 has webmail built into it.  The webmail on it works great.   How do I set it up (If possible) so that when a request comes in IE www.mydomain.com/mail   it directs it to my NT 4.0 box. Do I need to setup my router for this?   Is this even possible.

Bascially my Linux box handles everything dealing with web related stuff except my webmail.
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a bit confusing your description ...
Is your problem that webmail on NT is not able to send mails?

I.g. Linux comes with countless good MTA, while NT has none (except you install one). Why do you want to use NT as MTA and not Linux?
strongdAuthor Commented:
No, the webmail on Linux is not able to send email using SMTP through NT.  I am using 602LanSuite as my email server on NT.

The reason I didn't go fully to Linux to run everything is:  I was running out of time.   I had all my servers in my garage and summer was fast approaching.  Because I lack the expertise in Linux, I went ahead and used NT as my email server.   My garage by the middle of May was 95 degree... to warm to run my servers.   Now I shutdown my server in the garage because of the heat, and used my old laptop (NT server - email server) and an old Pentuim 1 - 166mhz running DSL (Damn Small Linux) to work as my webserver.

Because I have not gotten PHP webmail programs to send email through my email server, I want to know if there was a way to have to have my router port forward all request that have my www.mydomain.com/mail  URL that come in to my NT server so I can use webmail built into the email server software.

Now, I have installed PostFix on my Linux box, but haven't had the time to configure it.  I am almost positive that the PHP webmail programs I have, will be able to send mail through postfix once I have it configured.

But until then, I need my webmail.   I was hoping someone else had done something simular.   But I think this is at the router end.  
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> ..  all request that have my www.mydomain.com/mail 
if this is an apache, then use mod_rewrite or mod_proxy

> But I think this is at the router end.  
a router works on network level (2, 3), a URL is on application leven (7) which is unknown to a router.
You can map mail.mydomain.com to your IP address, and NAT to your webmail machine.

strongdAuthor Commented:
I don't think there is an actual way to get this to work the way I want.  

I will have to live with my PHP webmail for receiving only.   Thanks anyways for the help.

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