Visio - making a transparent 'DRAFT' in a PDF - automatically make a stencil all the way in the back?

I have an object in my favorites that says DRAFT on it and I use it as a watermark.  It is in black text with 65% transparency.  comes out fine on my printer.  I used PDF Factory Pro to make a PDF and it still shows as grey in their app.  Then when we print it as a pdf in acrobat, it comes out as solid blak, covering the text under it.

so pdf factory pro or acrobat can't do the greyscale....

I found that if I make it yellow text, no transparency AND SEND IT TO THE BACK, then the black text in front of DRAFT comes out fine on my printer and in acroibat PDFs....

so is there a way to have an object in your favorites always be at the bottom of the 'stack' of layers, even if you add it near the end?

Or is there another way to get draft as a watermark in visio?
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AndreDekoltaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Or, at least make it easier to see the layers.  Also, ensure Acrobat is updated.  It doesn't handle engineering-type drawings very well to include AutoCAD, etc.

Hello Techsupportwhiz!

I believe you'll find that Visio SP2 corrects this problem.

TechsupportwhizAuthor Commented:

I upgraded pfdfactorypro from 2.5 to 2.51  and that seems to have solved it - greyscales seem to work now, so the grey draft can be on top and not block other things....

thanks for the advice!
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