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Playstation 2 through wireless

Hi guys,

I'm attempting to connect my PS2 to my computer (NIC) and use my wireless card for the internet access to my Netgear WGR614.v4 router.

So i want it connected like this;

But, I can't seem to bridge or use ICS. I can turn ICS on but I don't think the NIC knows to use the wireless connection for internet, how can i do this? I also, I have an Internet Connection Gateway running for the wireless for some reason.

Thankyou in advance!
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you must have two connections to use ICS one WAN the other LAN, just set up ICS on the internet facing connection (wireless) and you will see that the lan connections  (Wired) ip has been set to, you just then need to  configure the PS2 to obtain its IP automatically
SoNiKBooMAuthor Commented:
I tried that and still no luck :(

The PS2 Network test says it's succesful but when trying to connect to gamespy server it bottoms out. It doesn't seem to be acquiring a network address to itself, what DHCP would it be using? I think it might also be something to do with no default gateway set on the LAN connection? OR the PS2 is not finding the correct DNS server?

I can add a DNS server manually on the PS2 network connection, should i? and what should it be?

Thankyou :)
When you configure ICS its creates and runs a DHCP server & DNS proxy on your PC,

your PS2 would pich up an ip address something like

IP Address 
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
DNS Server

Your LAN connection on your PC does not need a default gateway for ICS to Work.

what is most likely blocking your PS2's connection is either a software firewall on your PC, and or the firewall configuration of your router, the fact that you have Natted your connection twice wont help, but shouldn't be causing the problem.

just a quick question, what is the IP address of your wireless connection? and router? is it in the 192.168.0.x range? if so that will be the route of your problems.
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