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How do I install a tape drive in a Netware 6.5 server

I’m going to install a Quantum DLT VS80 Tape Drive in a Netware 6.5 server. Can someone please provide me with detailed instructions for configuring Netware once the drive is physically installed in the server? It's not simply plug and play like Windows right?
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I expect the Netware DLT drivers should work. The real question is, will your backup software work with the drive? What backup application are you using?
If you LOAD NWTAPE it should be visible if you type LIST DEVICES. The rest is upto your backup software. If you're using BackupExec or something similar it should see it just fine. Some backup software will deliberately UNload nwtape and use its own drivers.
bugsbeyAuthor Commented:
I'm using Backup Exec 9.2. The DLT VS80 is compatible per Quantum's website.  However, It turns out that I need to get a new SCSI card - I need the Adaptec SCSI Card 39160 for my Dell PowerEdge 2400 Server.

So all I have to do is physically install the drive then LOAD NWTAPE? Is that the only step? Sorry I'm not that familiar with Netware.
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If you have a separate HBA for the tape drive, the driver for that HBA needs to be loaded, usually in STARTUP.NCF.  Driver loads generally are automatically added to STARTUP.NCF when you run the process that adds the new driver.  

The "LOAD NWTAPE" thing is a "depends" issue.  It depends on whether or not BE9.2 uses NWTAPE.CDM  NWTAPE.CDM is kind-of a "generic" nwpa-compliant tape device driver, and as long as the drive is nwpa-compliant, and BE9.2 uses NWTAPE.CDM, it should work for your drive.

What SP of NW6.5 are you running?  I ask, because (as with any OS) there are new device support patches continually being developed and frequently being released.

You should, just as a matter of course IMHO, download and install the latest TSA5UPxx.exe patch, to get all of your TSA's and other SMS modules up-to-date.  The TSA5UPxx.exe patches tend also to have NWTAPE.CDM updates.

You would physically install the HBA with the drive connected and properly terminated, with a SCSI device address assigned, then after starting NetWare, you'd add the HBA driver.  The tape drive device driver would then be NWTAPE.CDM which may be auto-loaded by BESTART or may need to be added separately. I don't know.

BE is pretty good about figuring things out for itself. If it doesn't see NWTAPE.CDM and/or DLTTAPE.CDM in memory, it will try to find them and load them for you.
However, Veritas also has its own package of tape drivers for Netware which it uses, so you'll want to download and install the most recent version of this package.

bugsbeyAuthor Commented:
Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions!! I will be installing the drive and the SCSI adapter once it arrives today. I'll let you all know how it goes and of course if I get stuck on something. Is there and special software settings that I should know about when installing the SCSI controller card? Again, it’s the Adaptec SCSI Card 39160 for my Dell PowerEdge 2400 Server.
If it doesn't automatically detect and install the device when you boot up the server, you may need to run HDETECT. It should automatically detect and install the drivers. If not, you may need to manually specify the location of the .HAM and/or .CDM files for your hardware.

You're using pretty standard software and hardware, so I expect you won't have much trouble.
bugsbeyAuthor Commented:
Everything is working great!! Thanks for everyone’s help and suggestions!!!!

Billmercer was right. It did need any drivers or special configurations. Everything was plug and pray… I mean play. :)

I only had one snag with Backup Exec. I was getting an 1808 “Client not logged on” error. I called VERITAS’s support and they informed me that I needed to download the newest Netware Java update.   Besides that I just needed to update my backup jobs with the new tape drive.

This the link for the latest java update for netware servers
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