Cisco 26XX Router Password Recovery

Good Day,
   I have a client who has lost the passwords to 2 of his 26XX routers.  Is there a way to get into these routers with out killing the config?  He doesn't have a copy of the configs.

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Follow These Setups & you will be able to recover your password without lossing your running-config

1. Go to Rommon Mode by press Ctrl+break (Connect Your Router Throw Consol Cable at press at start of boot)

2. Change the config register value by typing this command on rommon mode "o/r 0X2142"(2500 series) or "confreg 0X2142"

3. Reset the Router

4. Go to Privilage Mode & copy the startup config to running config. (router#Copy start run)

5. change the password (router(Config)#enable seceret xxxxxxxx

6. change the config register value back to 0X2102 by writing command (Router(Config)#config-register 0X2102

7. Copy Contents of running config to startup (router#copy run start)

8. Reload the Router

Its done.

follow the procedure in this link. it will allow you to change the passwords on the router without wiping the config
tolsonkraAuthor Commented:
Thanks I will be trying on Tuesday night.
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