Email Attachments Undeliverable

I cannot send an email with attachments to a certain recipient. The message we are receiving is this:
   There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipients email server. Please contact your system admin

<Server Name>< #5.5.0 smtp;552 MS-Office Containing VBA Macros found inside email>

First of all,
I can send these files after I compress with WINRAR without a problem

Here are some other details...

 We are using Exchange Server 6.5 running on WIN2003 server.
 Recipient has received these type of emails before --but not now
 There has been no changes on our exchange server to trace back to
 The attachments have no macros
 Recipient is not having any problems receiving attachments from other sites
 We can send these mails to other sites without problems

We have had problems sending PDF files as well. The workaround now is to compress the files and send them to this person but this is not a permanent solution for us.

Thanks for your assistance.

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upul007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The recepients email server is configured to reject emails with particular file types or MIME types. Hence when your server contacts that server and the message gets rejected, your server generates the NDR informing you of the issue. As war1 said, this can also be implemented by the recepients ISP.

If you compress the file with winrar, the file type changes to .rar which is allowed and lets the file get transmitted.

You should inform the recepient that you cannot send files of type - Adobe acrobat (pdf) and send copies of the NDR messages that you had got. They should list these as safe on their side.

A workaround is to change the file extension of the attachment to .doc and request them to change it back to the original file type. That is if Word docs are allowed and gets through.
"<Server Name>< #5.5.0 smtp;552 MS-Office Containing VBA Macros found inside email>"

Either your server, or more likely his server, has a filter that is blocking those attachments.
There must be somthing about those attachments that triggers the filter - they are far from foolproof.

Maybe you can re-save those Office documents after disabling all macros and see if those will get through.
Greetings, kiald !

What type of file is the attachment besides PDF?  The recipient's ISP or email client may be blocking the attachment. Check with the recipient.

Best wishes!
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