"Your account is configured to prevent you....

from using this computer. Please try another computer."

Thats the error message I keep getting for the lab account we created for the lab computers here at the school where I work. I'm certain this policy was set on purpose to prevent the student lab accounts from accessing instructor's computers... however now the problem is I have no idea where this configuration is, or how to add another system. I could simply create another lab account for the students but then that account would also have permissions to the rest of the computers on campus... can anyone tell me where I can set the lab account so that it may access this new system?

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prashsaxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok here is how you will reach the Logon To property.

Do it on your Domain controller.

1.  Start->Run->dsa.msc
Now you should see Active Directory User and Computers

2.  Find the Lab id.

3. Right Click on it and select properties.

4. On Preperties windows Goto Account Tab.

5. Here you will see Log on To Button, click on it.

6. This is where you can specify the list of computers, this id is allowed to logon.
You need to check the logon to rights in users account properties in Active Directory users and computers.

The LAB account must have the list of computers where he could logon.

Check the user account properties.
CyrexCore2kAuthor Commented:
I've gone through the accont properties but I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. Which tab would lead me to the list?

There is a folder in the active directory called Student Computers... I moved the new system into this folder but it didn't fix anything.
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I have also seen DNS problems cause this. Try ipconfig /flushdns, ipconfig /registerdns on the troubled machines.

CyrexCore2kAuthor Commented:

I read up on that however I don't feel that this message is an error. I'm thinking that someone actually set up the lab account to be denied access to most of the systems on the network for security reasons. My question now is, where do I find this configuration so that I can add another system to the list?
fuzzysbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there is a "log on to" button under a active directory user account properties under the account tab which allows you to specify computers the user logs onto, just add the new computer to that list and hey presto you can logon to the computer.
Yes fuzzysb that is what I am trying to tell here.
CyrexCore2kAuthor Commented:
There we go! Thanks!

I'll give fuzzy 50 points since his post was only shortly after.
you beat me to it, i was writing as you were writing your reply, and you got there first :)
you saved my head from being removed thank you very much..
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