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I have an elementary school with around 60 computers.  These machines are currently not under a domain model.    The machines are basically used as terminals to play reading and math games, etc... no really as workstations per say.   The students currently use a simple windows logon which works at every terminal in the building.  My question is..... if I create one student account....and allow multiple logons (assuming I can allow 60), could I just join the computers to my domain and add them (the computers) to a seperate organization unit in order to deploy software and patches via WUS and active directory?

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that sounds fine to me then. I've worked in a school environment before and never had an issue with many students using one AD account.
that should work fine as long as they are 2000 pro or XP pro machines.

the only thing that sounds weird is that you are connecting them to YOUR existing domain.  why not just create them their own domain?
on that note.... if they are going to be on your domain, how are they going to be connected to your domain? do you have  a VPN or point-to-point link between your domian and their physical location?  I wouldn't recommend pushing any software packages over a WAN link as it will be VERY slow.
jchismarAuthor Commented:

Sorry....let me clarify.   The machines reside in the same building I do, and we (the administration), the servers, and student workstations all reside on the same physical network.  There is currently one domain which teachers and faculty log into.... I was thinking of creating a new OU in the existing domain.
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