cisco pix 515e; i would like to have windows based access to change configuration

Hi, I am looking to see if there is a web interface to be able to configure my pix 515e, We need to lock a old employee out and by  chang our vpn password....  thanks
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prueconsultingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Charan is correct.

However be aware that certain configurations are not supported by the PDM and can mess with your VPN configuration if you make use of it .

A better solution since your using Windows would be to create an instance of IAS on a windows server and point the PIX to authenticate VPN users against it .

This way all account control resides within your Windows Active Directory

u can use Pix Device Manager (PDM). You can select the most appropriate version of PDM depending upon the PIX Version that is running on ur firewall. for example
PDM Version 3.0—Requires PIX Firewall software Version 6.3..

To determine if PDM is installed on your PIX Firewall unit, enter the show version command and check the second line of the output.
 once verified that PDM is installed, u can start using it by accessing through ur web broser using link https://your.pix.inside.ip

<please check that ur http services are running on pix : sho http>

 in case not installed: give this command

PIXFIREWALL(config)# copy tftp flash:pdm

once done u shud be able to access the PDM.....

u can go thru this lnk for detailed info:
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