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How-to auto power-up at fixed time of day

I am running an ASUS A8R32-MVP Deluxe Mobo with an AMD 3500+ processor onboard and XP Pro MCE 2005 as the OS. I want the machine to power up automatically at a fixed time each day. The bios has a setting for an RTC alarm which "allows me to enable RTC to generate a wake event" but when I set this nothing happens at the designated time. This bios setting is on the power menu in the bios ; other possibly relevant settings on that menu are 'ACPI 2.0 support ' yes or No and 'ACPI APIC Support' Enabled or disabled, plus various other power on possibilities (by keyboard, mouse, modem and PCI PCI-Ex device)
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have you tried updateing the BIOS  on the ASUS website under your motherboard there is a BIOS release with a fix for WOL (wakeup on lan) that might help.


warning: updateing your BIOS can kill your motherboard if dune incorrectly make shoure that the BIOS your updateing is the one for your motherboard

kind, regards

There are two things you need to do:  decide on which event your computer will boot up, and then provide that event at the right time.

In addition to the Wake on Lan idea above...

The simplest one is to tell your computer to "always turn on" after power loss.  So as soon as power is restored, the computer starts up.  Power is supplied when an external timer kicks in at the right time.

Another one is to "wake on modem (ring)".  Place on a phone line that nobody rings, and then ring it at the right time.  You can schedule a phone call from many locations using reminder services, a scheduled "fax", etc.  Downside: some random phone call will turn on your PC.  Upside: you can turn on your PC "remotely" at will at any time.

You can let the computer do what it needs to do, and then when it's done run a shutdown (see shutdown command in xp).  Computer is off again, waiting for a call, or the next time power is taken away and restored.  With a 24 hour timer, you can do that a number of times a day.

Have fun.

SteveHodgeAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both of you
bobby6k: the support disk that came with the mobo has a windows based bios check and update facility which I ran. It says that there are no better bios's on the asus server, so I dopped this line of attack given the dangers of messing about with the bios
crnz: What a neat pair of workarounds!  I will implement both of them - many thanks
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