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I recently installed Win2000 over Windows ME, i backed up everything i needed but forgot some pics i had stored on there. Obviously with the re-install they have gone, can anyone recommend a good free data recovery solution which is fairly simple to use???


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The best recovery tool isn't free, but it's worth it: GetDataBack from

PCInspector is pretty good also:
Free or shareware versions will show what can be recovered, some free versions will recover a few files, but I'm not aware of any full version freeware.  If the pictures are important to you, I'd look to buy one.  Here's a few I've used or am familiar with:

As Callandor said, GetDataBack is pretty much the best...
try these :,collid,1295,00.asp      
but you must know that if the files are overwritten, a simple recovery program cannot recover them      
good luck with the data recovery, but I wanted to chime in...

for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY, please, backup all your files to somewhere else and format your pc!

Me is the most horrible evil thing to come out of microsoft...EVER.
I would never reccomend upgrading a OS to anyone, but especially not over ME.

PLEASE, please move your files off your PC, and format the computer and do a full clean (ntfs, not fat32) install of 2000!! It's my favorite microsoft operating system, but i'd never touch a upgrade version.
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