Recover applications from non-bootable drive

For some reason, I cannot boot my system, but I can see the drive and all the data via a USB connection on a working PC - I had a spare 80GB drive that had only Windows 2000 on it. I have alot of applications that were installed and don't have the CD's - also many of the programs were downloaded and then installed. Ofcourse, the downloaded files were deleted after install - rats!!! So, my question is this: since I can see the drive and all the data, what's the procedure for copying them to the working 80GB drive via USB and getting them registered and working?
Thanks for the help!
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Hello teald4347!

You need the CDs to do this correctly.  You'll have hours and hours of grief if you don't.  It's really the only way to do it.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
As AndreaDekolta suggests, there is no procedure.  When you install software, the installation process for any significant size program write dozens if not hundreds of registry entries, registers DLLs for it to run, possibly installs services and creates shortcuts, and of course, copies files to the computer in specific folders.

Can it be done?  I wouldn't say no, but the time required would be excessive for anything more complicated than Winzip.  When you download programs in the future, make copies on CD.  You might also contact the software vendors you bought/downloaded these programs from - they may have records of your purchase (should have records) and should allow you to get it again or perhaps upgrade to a newer version at a lower price.  Of course, if these were illegally downloaded, then we cannot help you further as we cannot help you steal software (not saying you did - but it's an unfortunately too common practice).

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Do you still have access to the windows disk? If so I would first attempt to run a chkdsk on the drive and then repair the master book record.

Usually something as simple as that will get you back up and running.

David Houston
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