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Hello everyone,
We have two companies and one of the user has moved from company B to company A. He has a new email account on company A and has requested that "move" his emails from company B to company A.
I need help in getting this accomplished, and I hoping that someone in the list can help me.
Company B is running Exchange 2000 and company A is running Exchange 2003
Thank you much,
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Hi Nelson,

There is a cool utility that can export his mailbox from one server to a pst file and you can use the same (or a similar) utility on the other server to import the mailbox again.

Company B can do an exmerge of his mailbox to a .pst file
Company A can do an exmerge of his .pst to his new mailbox.

More information about exmerge for Exchange 2003 can be found here:

Information about exmerge for older version can be found here:

The name of the pst file to import should match the last part of the Full Mailbox Directory Name of the mailbox in Exchange 2003. You can add this to the column view of Exchange System Manager through the View - Add/Remove Columns option when viewing the mailboxes in a store. It should end with something like CN=JohnDoe, the pst file for import should then be called JohnDoe.pst.
Aguillon1949Author Commented:
Thank you xqs,

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