When do I need the Outlook activation code?

I installed SBS from the DVD and was prompted to enter the activation code for SBS (it scared me when I enetered 1 of the 2 activation codes from the retail SBS and it didn't work).

But I haven't been asked for the outlook actcivation code.  I think the clients all have outlook already installed.  

would I be prompted at the desktop each time it installs its version of outlook?  
If a PC has Outlook 2K3 already installed, it doesn't seem to install its version, right?  they are the same / no extra features in the SBS version?

Thank you.
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- The activation code is only needed for a manual install.
- When setting it up via the SBS wizards the activation code is not needed.
- If you have an office version with Outlook 2003 installing is not needed.
- It is just plain Outlook 2003 and it does not entitle you to Business Contact Manager
TechsupportwhizAuthor Commented:
The activation code is only needed for a manual install.

I didn't even give it to the sbs server to pass to the desktop during an automated install.  that sound right?

And I just came across a machine that had outlook 2002.  SBS connectomputer joined it to the domain and installed outlook 2K3... and yeah, without the activation code having been entered from the desktop or given to the server to pass to the desktop!
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