Does/Will Oracle client 9i or 10g work on Windows Vista Beta 2?

I cannot install the Oracle 9i client on Windows Vista Beta 2.  The Universal Installer does not recognize the Vista version of Windows and does not allow the user to continue.  I can install the Oracle 10g client, but I am getting SP2-1503: Unable to initialize Oracle call interface, when I try to connect to a database using SQL Plus.  Any ideas?  I can't seem to find much about the Oracle client running on Vista.  Thanks.
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DLyallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From what I can gather on Metalink, Oracle do not certify any of their products against beta versions.  Certification will  happen shortly after the new operating system has been released.
actonwangConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Vista is still in beta ... I am sure Oracle didn't put a lot of effort on certify that ...
Not sure how Vista does security but if you are not using an admin account to do this how about  granting "Create Global Objects" rights in the local security policy to the user account you are using.
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CPBrennanAuthor Commented:
Thanks all.  I was able to install client on beta 2.  But I couldn't connect to a database.  Then I went to Windows Explorer and tried to access one of the Oracle folders (I think it was C:\Oracle\Ora9).  I didn't have enough permissions on this folder and subfolders --- so Vista actually asked if I wanted additional permissions (I was running as an admin).  I said Yes.  Then I could connect to a databsae.  But the patchsets ( and did not install because the Universal Installer threw an error that quit the install before it even started.  Error message said "the installer does not recognize the version of this operating system", something like that.  I could also install client (the Universal Installer did recognize Vista here or just didn't check) , but again I could not connect to an Oracle database --- not sure why this is, still haven't been able to.  So I'll keep plugging along.  Looks like the first two responses are on target.  
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