how do I set up outgoing mail in exchange to get the monitoring reports when it is not the mail server

We are setting up sbs 2003 and I want to get the monitoring reports. exchange will be used for shared calendars and contacts, but email will continue to be hosted outside on a pop3 / smtp server (my bosses don't want to have the in house server doing this, at least initially).

so I walk through the monitoring report wizard and it asks for my email address.  But how do I enter an SMTP account for email to be sent out?  

which ties into another question - would users want to keep 2 email accounts on their outlook - exchange and the pop3 account?  or set up pop connector in exchange and let exchange get emails and then the users only have the exchange account.
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The Configure Email and Internet Connection Wizzard (CEICW) can also set the external SMTP connector.

Not passing POP3 through Exchange is faster,  as the POP connector runs at best every 15 minutes.
When you set up monitoring put your email address in there. If you do not use Exchange to get your mail or relay mail outwards then put in your internal email address, usually username@domain.local Exchange will route this through to your exchange profile for you without having to send it outside of your network,

But if you want to sent it to an external email account then you need to run through the Internet connection wizard again and get it send all mail through a smart host which will be your ISPs smtp server.

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
All of this is handled automatically with the Configure Email and Internet Connection Wizard.  Then, assuming you add the client workstations to the network properly with http://<servername>/connectcomputer, Outlook will be configured automatically as well.

Users do not have to deal with knowing whether an email message is staying internally or going outside.  This is all automatic as well.

When monitoring asks for your email address you can just put if you like.  Because outbound email is still handled by Exchange's Virtual SMTP server, your message will route to you appropriately.

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