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For some strange reason the PC's on my network are using a DNS server in the network as their DNS provider (used to provide name resoluion for remote devices), however I have never set the PC's up for that. As well my DHCP server is not set to provide this. If shut down the DNS server and release renew the PC's IP info it still points to the DNS server. Any ideas?


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SaineolaiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, you just need to be sure that the firebox is not currently assigning addresses.  You can confirm where the addresses are coming from by checking the ipconfig /all results on the client.  

The dhcp server line will either be the ip address of your server or the firebox depending on which is currently assigning the address.
Hi bradbritton,

if you have DNS settings in your DHCP scope yet it still finds the DNS servers it is because it broadcasts and finds it.....

otherwise it would have nothing at all and be useless
Any possbility that you have a second DHCP server on the network?  When you have the DHCP server stopped release and renew the IP address and check the DHCP server line on the output of ipconfig /all on the clients.
bradbrittonAuthor Commented:
I have a Firebox SOHO 6 setup to adminster DHCP. Should I shut down the DHCP server then reboot the PC's to see if they get DHCP from the firebox.??
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