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I am swaping out an existing Windows 2000 SBS server with a Windows 2003 Server Standard, and am looking for the easiest way to do it without re-doing everyone's desktop/ application environment.

Can I just make the new server a PDC with the same domain name (off the network), setup user accounts that match exactly, swap the servers and have every workstation reboot?

I need to take the old server out, plus I understand that there are issues with trusts and multiple domain controllers with SBS, so co-existance is not an option.

Any advice would be highly appreciated!
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FSMO roles are what a domain controller relies on to function - there are 5

in a normal environment you can transfer the roles from one server to another...which transitions it smooth and clean and usually seamless....


with SBS, becoz it has to control the FSMO roles, you can't transfer them, instead, once the SBS server is offline, you can trick windows, by making it seize the roles..... this is usually a last resort in a standard setup as you can never bring the old DC back online as all hell breaks loose!!

Replication includes everything, your entire active directory, DNS etc
Hi CaptWill,

what you can do is promote your new DC as a domain controller for the domain, SBS CAN have additional domain controllers but SBS must hold all the FSMO roles, you can then once replicated, remove the SBS server from the domain and seize the FSMO roles on your 2003 machine and away you go....
CaptWillAuthor Commented:
Jay Jay

Sounds too easy!

What is a FSMO role?

Also- will I need to create user accounts or can I just replicate?

Just to confirm- does replication just handle user accounts, and not data or application files? That is the desired result.
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Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
One more question that should be of concern..  Are you running Exchange from the 2K SBS?  Have you considered how you are going to move the Exchange Stores?

328871, "How to: Use the Exchange Migration Wizard to Migrate Mailboxes From an Exchange Organization"
good point as well - nice to see you still here FE :) been a while
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Yes, we need to make sure all the bases are covered, eh?  :)

We are undergoing downsizing in our IT dept, and there are only 2 of us left supporting 400 users.   On top of that, they turned over the handhelds to me, and this is not my forte!   you can imagine how little time I have lately!  Guess I should just be glad I still have a job, right?  :)

yeah fair call, thats a lot of users to be supporting with two! someone started to suggest supporting blackberries in my office, i politely grinned and nodded whilst emailing a decline!
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
My thoughts EXACTLY!  Now, think about trying to support Blackberries (handhelds) in a mixed Novell / Groupwise / MS AD environment!  Activesync does not work with Groupwise, and Intellisync is very IFFY!  Driving me absolutely NUTS!

Now, back to the subject, eh?  

One more question:  are you running SQL out of the SBS box?  :)
For the Exchange Mailboxes there is a neat little utility called Exmerge.exe  it needs to be placed in the exsrvr\bin folder.   Very usefull for dumping tons of mailboxes from one exchange server and then importing them to the new server
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