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Im currently looking to get into Java development. Id like to start with offline apps and make use of eclipse to so.

What im looking for is a pointer to some good java tutorials for starters... most of my experience to date has been in PHP so dont be afraid to dumb down any responses :-)


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suprapto45Connect With a Mentor Commented:

It would be good if you have experiences in PHP, that would be easier for you to jump to J2EE as most of the concepts are the same (request, session and etc).

In my opinion, you should learn basic Java first (considering that this is the first time you program Java). So I would suggest you to download Eclipse and start to do programming with J2SE. J2SE is mostly desktop application in Java using SWING and AWT. Do not jump to J2EE directly as this is pretty complex area. Start with J2SE first.

After you are comfortable with J2SE, start to do Servlet/JSP programming which is the basic of the J2EE application. Then you can go ahead with other advanced technologies such as JMS, EJB and etc.

Read from Sun.

Please post me a message if you are unsure.

anilkuchanaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I suggest first you should get used to java basics by working on a notepad for working out basic programs, rather than working directly on an IDE. IDE such as hide the programing details which you should know firstup. By working on a text editor such as notepad you get to understand the semantics better and you get a cleat understanding of the API of java.

Put aside the java API documentation which you get from sun's website [ ] and start off practising with all regular examples to get acquinted with java.

There is one good website called it might help you because it has examples based on API.
Browse thru the API and learn by example.
All the best

Anil Kuchana.
mukundha_expertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are a beginner then Head First Java is the Best Book to start with.
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