Dynamic text field with border and background; too tall

How do I reduce the height of a dynamic text field (with border and background, single-line, device fonts) ?

For the _sans font, size 12 pixels, the field height is a minimum of 19.1 pixels high.

I want to reduce this to 16 pixels WITHOUT sqaushing the text.

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Ramy_atefConnect With a Mentor Commented:

you have to reduce the font size !

or u make a transparent dynamic text box and put a white rectangle with a black outline under it, it'll give the illusion of a text box wihile it is a text box and a white rectangle under it ;)

DonelsonAuthor Commented:

Yes, I've been trying to use a transp text with rectangles behind, but can't get the rects to appear via ActionScript...
verry easy
just make it a movie clip and give it a name (ie. myRectangle)

then u can control it via as.

myRectangle._visible = false // to hide the rectangle
myRectangle._visible = true // to show the rectangle
DonelsonAuthor Commented:
I found it; the _alpha was 0, but device fonts display anyway, so I was confused.

Thanks. All working now with variable text and nice background, border line and 40% drop shadow.

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