Software or program to control external device on COM1 Serial port

Can anyone sugest a good solution to my problem?
I have a Proxima 9300 series LCD Projector that is installed and a good distance from the computer that controls it. We just upgraded the computer with a new one and of course cannot find the CD that came with the projector to install the Proxima 9300 Control software. The company told me "sorry, we don't have that available any more". All they could give me is a reference sheet for all the RS232c commands (HEX and Ascii).

Does anyone know of a serial port utility that I could use to send the various commands with?
Does anyone know of a good place to get some intro to VB or some other programming language that I could put together a simple utility of my own?
Is there another way to do this I am not thinking of?

Thanks for any and all input.
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wnrossConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hyperterminal will let you direct connect, and its part of Windows (Accessories/Communications/Hyperterminal), just open a connection to COM1(2,3,4)

Its a terrible program, but its already installed.  If you can see if you can find something like teleterm or procomm,

Now programming wise, the state of serial programming on windows is atrocious.

VB has terrible serial port controls, but MSComm can be used.  

Java can use JavaComm 
contains numerous examples

C#/VB .Net has *Nothing*, you are offered to import the MSComm ActiveX library or build a new library from scratch.  Here's an excellent article doing just that.

As an alternative, simply switching oerating systems to Linux or FreeBSd makes opening a serial port as easy as opening a file:
------------- CUT HERE -------------

open(COM1, "+>> /dev/ttyS0");

print COM1 "Hello World\n";
$reply = <COM1>;
print "Recieved $reply";

------------ CUT HERE ---------------

But this does not lend towards a Graphical solution

dimitryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is very convenient (with source) terminal application that you can use for COM1 investigation...
Thanks dimitry, I forgot about that one: It does ssh support as well, very nice replacement for Hyperterminal
anwar ul haqueConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in VB MSComm Control is best and easy to do these kind of can find help from msdn
lojkConnect With a Mentor .Net and Infrastructure ConsultantCommented:
agree with anwar... I think id write a mini VB6 App (or VS2005 also has Serial Port control if you have access to that).

I suspect youll probably end up writing less than 100 lines of code. I created in VB6 a system to detect whether various signal lines were up or down and react accordingly, 'twas dead easy and *almost* filled a saturday afternoon!

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