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For some unknown reason the "Follow up" button has disappeared. I cann see all the rest (Reply, Reply all, Forward, Delete, etc). How I get it back ?

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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
If this is about a mail database, the button only shows up when you are the OWNER of the database. This owner you can find in the mail preferences. Click on Tools/Preferences, and verify that "This mailfile belongs to" is correctly filled in. If it is someone else's mail database, you're not supposed to change that. Ask him/her to login so you can verify whether the button shows up as it should.
Are you the designer of this Notes Database, or are you a user?

If you are the designer, open the form in designer and see if the button is still there and not hidden by a formula.

Let's do that first.  Also, what version of Notes?  
Bianchi928Author Commented:
I can be a Designer or a User. Lotus Notes Version is 6.5. I will prefer to be able to fix it as a User though
If the followup button has disappeared, then there is a good chance it was set to hide based on certain conditions.

If it's no longer in the form design.. well, that's a different story, and you need to look at the application with notes peek to see who last edited the form and made changes.

So, without knowing anything about the application..

1. The followup button show probably not be visible on NEW documents..
      open a new document.. is it there?
2. Press Ctrl + s to save this new document, then press f9.. does it appear?
3. What are you following up on?  Is this an email? is it meant to appear after xxx days have elapsed?  I can't tell you, and the only way to tell is to look at the form and the button properties in designer or by using Notes Peek.  Or run a File>>Database>>Design Synopsis for that form and that button and see if there is any hide formulas specified.

Without more information, kinda hard to tell you what to do.  But, if you have a backup template of the design, and the button is not there in the working application, then I would replace the design of the application with the template.

Sometimes throwing a replica cures all evils.
Ah, darn.  Forgot that the mail file has a followup button.  good catch, sjef.
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