SBS/Exchange Setup - POP3, ETRN, or other?

Hey All,
    I've searched and read fragmented information on these protocols, but wanted to get someone's opinion.  I have an SBS 2003 server running exchange, serving mail to about 15 users.  Currently most of the users have hosted mailboxes that are being retrieved by the SBS POP3 Connector.  I'm not thrilled at the prospect of 15 minute polling because 5 of us use Blackberries and our BES has to wait on Exchange to poll the POP boxes before pushing mail out to the handhelds.  I'm also leary of creating an MX entry to just point to my server in case of down time.  So, that being said...
Which setup would you recommend for my situation?
A)Third Party POP3 Connector running at a 30-60 sec polling interval?

I'm open to any suggestions.
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POP3 is horrible. Doesn't matter if it is built in or third party. It should be the last choice.
Polling a POP3 mailbox every 30 seconds will probably get your kicked off the provider of the POP3 system - most of them don't like it and would ask you to use SMTP delivery.

My preference is MX record to the server. This gives the best end user experience with no delays in email messages and is how Exchange was designed to operate.
The downtime issue as far as I am concerned is not an issue. Most email servers will attempt to deliver email for 48 hours, which provides plenty of time to get alternative email services in place.
If I had a BES then the switch to the SMTP delivery would have been combined to give the users of the Blackberry the best user experience.

If you are concerned, then ETRN off another server is probably the next best choice. This gives you the advantages of SMTP with almost immediate email delivery.

WMurray219Author Commented:
  Thanks for the reply!  Do you know of any concerns/drawbacks if I decide to go with ETRN?
The major problem with ETRN is finding someone who supports it - the numbers are dwindling.

I would say point the MX to exchange and all trouble is gone!!!

why worry when exchange is capable of doing what it is told to do best!!!

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