Trouble setting up internet connection via DSL & Linksys Router

I have two PCs that I am trying to set up via a Linksys wireless router.  They will be hardwired via cat5 cable.  I have run the setup CD, but when it tries to configure the router and internet connection, it tells me that "the router is unable to connect to the internet" or something like that, and I can go no further.  I get the same message when trying both PCs.  Also, the LAN icon in the toolbar (on the PC that is currently connected via DSL modem)  goes back and forth from "connected" to "limited or no connectivity" while hooked up through the router.  The other PC is always flashing "limited or no connectivity".  But when connected directly to the modem, I am fine as I am typing this question on the same system.

Is there something very simple that I am overlooking?  I thought that the setup CD would take care of everything--at least on the internet connection side of things.
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chrisyanoAuthor Commented:
Oh, both PCs have McAfee Security Suite 8.0 if that helps--but I've tried disabling everything on one of the PCs already.
You may have to "release" from the DSL modem.  

Connect your PC directly to the DSL modem. Go to the DSL modems setup page and there should be some option to release the connection.

Most DSL modems will only allow a single MAC address to connect to it.  Right now it knows your PC's MAC address and so you must tell the DSL modem to release it.  After you release this connection, then connect the Wireless router to it.
chrisyanoAuthor Commented:
Sorry, stupid question--but how do I open the modem's setup page?
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Well, your DSL modem should have a default IP address.  You will need to get the setup information for your modem.  Yor ISP may have this online.  Generally it is, but some ISP's will provide you with one of the "custom" DSL modem and use some other IP address.  Earthlink, as an example, has custom firmware and they use

With your PC connected to the DSL modem, you may be able to issue the command ipconfig and then point your browser to whatever the default route/gateway is.

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chrisyanoAuthor Commented:
My ISP is Verizon, I tried the, but don't have access--I think I remember being directed there by Verizon support in the past--I know it's a generic code to get in.  I am using a Westell 6100 in case that means anything to you.

I am now trying to look up how to setup my modem.

what brand is the router?
with DSL you need to configure the router to PPPoE and supply the username and password.

in order to do this, you need to set the computer's IP manually to the same network subnet as the router's default, as someone mentioned, usually is but not always true, thats is why i asked what brand the router is.

best way to ensure connectivity is also unplug the power to modem and router, for at least 20-30 seconds, to be safe, 1 minute.  plug in the modem until its fully loaded, then the router, if its on default, you should be able to access the router from a computer thats wired to it with the same network address....
meaning if the router happens to be, then your computer should be set to 192.168.1.<something> (other than .1)
then from the browser you can go into the setup of the router to change the DHCP or STATIC to PPPoE.
chrisyanoAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for the help...I contacted my ISP who along with the router's support helped me set it up.  I never would have figured it out on my own...
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