Suggestions wanted for a new laptop

I recently returned a Dell e1705 for chronic BSOD (Multiple IRP Complete Requests).

It's configuration was:  T2500, 2 GIG 667 Mhz RAM, 60 GIG HD @ 7200, DVD R/W, Nvidia go 7800, 17" WUXGA display.

Other than the BSOD problem, I liked the setup.  But since Dell and many others that I tried to work with were unable to resolve the issue (unfortunately ran out of time and had to return the system before I joined this exchange), I am now looking for a new laptop.

Since then, I have been very keen on the SAGER NP5760 and the ASUS Z96J.

I could go either value (ASUS) or performance (SAGER), but I would like the machine to be able to game at least decently (FPS and RTS mainly) with at least good graphics capabilities (the ATI x1600 card would be minimum I would have to say).

Dual core processor, 2 G RAM (667 preferred), 7200 rpm HD, WSXGA or WUXGA display.

Any ideas?
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't know too much about sager. Asus makes good laptops, but I'd also suggest Acer, the ferrari models should be great if you need a powerfull PC. And acer has a very good record.
davidis99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The 5760 would be a decent gaming laptop, but not the 5750 - most discussions I've read lately about current FPS (e.g. Quake 4) call for either a high end ATI or Nvidia chipset (ATI - X1800 or higher, Nvidia (6800, 7600, or higher) for decent faming performance.  The X1600 is good for older games, but not current ones.  You should seriously consider a notebook with SLI (Sager 5950, WidowPC 919, or systems from VoodooPC or Alienware) for a decent SLI notebook.  The dual core processor would be helpful for decent game performance, but not as much as SLI.
chrisyanoAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys!  I love SLI but I think 17" is big enough.  I am most likely going to wait for the Sager NP5760 to have the 512MB 7900 GTX to be available and then order that.  Unless something better comes along in the meantime...
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