Sonicwall TZ170

Looking for some assistance getting a sonicwall TZ170 to pass vpn pptp over to windows 2003 server. Whenever I try to connect get TCP connection dropped message id 36 in the sonicwall log file. Even willing to hire someone to fix it if faster just need to get this solved ASAP
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Can you give more details;

Are you able to connec to windows 2003 server from other locations?

How is sonicwall connected to the internet?

How are client connected with Sonic Wall, and what operating system you are running on PPTP Client?
harpethtechAuthor Commented:
Found out it is actually a firmware issue I had it setup right the whole time. But will give the points since you at least attempted to assist.

For anyone who has error 800 or 807 when using PPTP VPN on a windows server through a SonicWall UTM device, the solution is to use the Public server wizard to enable PPTP.  It doesn't work when manually creating the rules in many cases.
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