Push Wallpaper Settings & Disable game executables Via Group Policy to entire domain


We have a Windows 2000 Server with Windows XP clients.  I'm having difficulties pushing wallpaper settings via group policy to the entire domain.  I dont want to use active desktop.  I tried using a login script but it failed.  I need the wallpaper bmp copied to the client's windows directory then have the registry setup to use the wallpaper.  I know its possible to do it with a basic cmd script and registry file but for some reason the group policy won't get pushed to the client.  I tried gpupdate on the client side and still no progress.  Can anyone tell me step by step how to do this.  I've tried other experts-exchnage posts yet I have no success.


Another problem that I have and tried is to block executables(games) from starting via group policy yet the client machines dont get updated with the new GP.

any help would be appreciated.
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dooleydogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
first, GPUPDATE is for Windows 2003, so that is not really going to help, you need to use secedit....

second, you cannot, with Windows 2000 limit software like you can in 2003.

Third, are you putting the walpaper setting in the right GPO, and in the right location, user or computer?

My first suggestion is:

build a new GPO, and add the single setting for the wallpaper, set this in the user portion, and link it to a test OU down a level or two in the domain with a single user in it. The default refresh time for GPO's is 90 minutes, that is where the secedit command comes in. You can type secedit at a command prompt and it should bring up a help screen with how to use the secedit command.

Let us know how it goes,

Good Luck,

enriquez_reneAuthor Commented:
I tried secedit /refresh user_policy /enforce on the windows 2000 server
and gpupdate & secedit on the xp machine but I still didnt get a result.
enriquez_reneAuthor Commented:
I can't login to the windows 2000 server now..i tried other admin accounts and i cant authenticate?   can you help?
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>>first, GPUPDATE is for Windows 2003, so that is not really going to help, you need to use secedit....
that is 100% incorrect.  gpupdate is a CLIENT tool and since he is using XP clients he can use that tool all he wants to force the clients to  update thier Group policies.  
did you try the GPUPDATE /force option?
have you ran gpresult to see if the policy is even being applied to the client?

>>I can't login to the windows 2000 server now..i tried other admin accounts and i cant authenticate?   can you help?
that is a new issue from the one that this thread was started about so you need to ask this new question in a new thread.

Kevin HaysIT AnalystCommented:
Well for starters you could replace your 2000 adm templates with the 2003.  You could create a GPO that sets software restriction policies, but I would not even think about doing this on the domain policy though.  A better approach would be to move the workstations into another OU and create a new GPO and set the settigns there.

On windows 2000 clients issue the command from the run or cmd box "secedit /refreshpolicy user_policy" OR computer_policy
Just depends on what GPO settings you have defined.

Like others have said, the users or computers must be in the OU where you have the GPO defined and linked to.  If they are not then they will never get applied.

PS:  I wouldn't be touching or modifying the default domain policy.  I would create a test GPO and test my settings there to begin with.

As for the not being able to login now or authenticate, it sounds like you edited something in the default domain policy that you shouldn't have.

A good tool is the Microsoft's Group Policy Management Console.  I would download it and use it if you have a windows xp or higher machine to install it on.
If not then use rpos.msc, gpresult /v for starters.

Good Luck.

enriquez_reneAuthor Commented:
ok i restarted the DC and I can login to the network now...at the moment i decided to load registry from the client machines and modify the wallpaper settings via sid account.

if i modify hkey_user/.default/control panel/desktop/wallpaper...will it load the same setting to every new account that login into the machine?
Kevin HaysIT AnalystCommented:
i would think so, but i've not tested it though.

enriquez_reneAuthor Commented:
Ok so far all has failed...i'll go back to square one and setup the group policy
I have a group policy to load wallpaper.cmd on logon thru these steps:
at users and computers goto domain:domain.com/ou:test/properties/group policy/new:wallpaer(policy name)/edit/user configuration/windows settings/login-logoff scripts/logon:add:wallpaer.cmd

here are the files

wallpaper.cmd [start]
copy \\honda\SYS\wallpaper\colonialwallpaper.bmp c:\windows\ /y
copy \\honda\SYS\wallpaper\wallpaper.reg c:\windows\ /y
regedit /s c:\windows\wallpaper.reg

wallpaper.reg [start]
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]


is this how its done?
enriquez_reneAuthor Commented:
secedit did the trick so I will give the points to the first person that mentioned it...thanks for the help fellas
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