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I've been dealing with this issue for quite some time now and have not been able to decide-
Does Skype safe for businesses that have a standard network (i.e FW, Proxy, AV)?

Any ideas?


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Rich RumbleConnect With a Mentor Security SamuraiCommented:
Skype doesn't have much of a security risk:
Skype allows for file transfers, and although there are no "skype" viri yet, I'm sure there will be soon enough. (newer versions are patched for this now, but more will likely be found)

It basically comes down to your current acceptable useage policies and your possible risk's of using the software. As noted in a URL above, it's not easy to keep skpye "internal" to your lan, Skype can bypass many a firewall with relitive ease.Best Practices should be followed at when ever possible, I've touched on this in a recent post here:
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