Set session timeout with windows server 2003

I have developed a system. Now the system is running well, except that when user fill in their form, they may take more time longer than 20 min to finish it, and they will be logged out by the system automatically after they click the submit.

I have tried <%session.timeout = 100%> in my page, ,but it doesn't work like i did in windows server 2000.

Please help on it.

Best regards,
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SimonBlakeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One of the quickest ways to solve this problem is to have a hidden <Iframe> on your page that the user fills that references as self updating page ever 5 mins or so...

<iframe height=0 width=0 frameborder=0 src='keepalive.asp'>

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="600">
xiong8086Author Commented:
if the form is finished half, suddenly refresh the page, then the data will be lost.

No it won't - it's only the iframe that refresh's, not the master page that contains it, so what the user is entering is safe, and the keepalive.asp keeps the internal IIS session alive.

xiong8086Author Commented:
I got quite a lot of forms.

other than that, can I find an easy way to solve it, for example to extend the session.timeout longer, either by coding or server configuration?

You can change the session timeout on the server, but this has two problems.

1. Longer sessions use more memory, for longer - so you will have to be careful watching memory resources on a busy site. You can change this in the IIS admin system.

2. User's - however long you set the timeout to be, users will always take a long time - the classic one is starting a form, then going to lunch half way through so you could have someone with a 1 hr period where nothing is done.

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