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which one is faster?

pIII 1.2 ghz or celeron 2.13 ghz

I want to know which one is a faster CPU.
for general applications and running some not much resource comsuming games.
3 Solutions
depends what you mean by faster, the 2.13 GHz is 'faster' because it does more calculations a second, however i have a feeling thats not quite what you meant with the question.
for bench marks look at this website it should have the two processors your looking at http://tomshardware.co.uk/2003/02/17/benchmark_marathon/index.html
The celeron is much faster, not only in terms of speed, but also because it uses the P-IV core and not the old P-III.
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>>for general applications and running some not much resource comsuming games.
--> Both will do the job just fine, though the celeron will perform better because it's almost double the speed, despite its normally lower cache. I've been useing a 1.1GHz Duron for most of my work for over a year now.
But there's more to consider than just the processor!
- Amount of RAM is most important:: have no less than 256Meg, preferably at least 512Meg to get the best performance. I have 768Meg.
- The disk speed & the disk cache also affect performance. 2Meg cache is minimal, 8Meg is considered great, but now disks with 16Meg cache are available.
-Type of RAM matters. I use the slower SDRAM, but my motherboard can take the faster DDRAM. So I borrowed some DDR, swapped the RAM, & did a speed test. Here are the results showing a DRAMATIC difference:

Cache Burst 32 Report,   Creation Date: 14-Mar-2006 at 21:36:30    OS version: Windows 98™SE
Processor: AMD Duron™ 1110,93 MHz Core: [0670] Morgan 0.18 µm
Memory 32-bit Bandwidth: Read: 581,85 MB/s ( 7,28 Cycles), Write: 299,32 MB/s ( 14,15 Cycles)
Memory 64-bit Bandwidth: Read: 752,70 MB/s ( 11,26 Cycles), Write: 301,76 MB/s ( 28,08 Cycles)
Memory 128-bit Bandwidth: Read: 680,90 MB/s ( 24,89 Cycles), Write: 301,67 MB/s ( 56,19 Cycles)
Memory Peak Bandwidth: 965,20 MB/s

Cache Burst 32 Report,   Creation Date: 14-Mar-2006 at 21:46:32  OS version: Windows 98™SE
Processor: AMD Duron™ 1110,93 MHz Core: [0670] Morgan 0.18 µm
Memory 32-bit Bandwidth: Read: 465,74 MB/s ( 9,09 Cycles), Write: 241,34 MB/s ( 17,55 Cycles)
Memory 64-bit Bandwidth: Read: 558,18 MB/s ( 15,18 Cycles), Write: 238,77 MB/s ( 35,49 Cycles)
Memory 128-bit Bandwidth: Read: 567,61 MB/s ( 29,86 Cycles), Write: 239,00 MB/s ( 70,92 Cycles)
Memory Peak Bandwidth: 660,46 MB/s
Those memory tests were done with Cache Burst 32: http://user.rol.ru/~dxover/cburst/

Also affecting your computer performance would be the software environment & running tasks.
-Number of startup items. You can use autoruns from sysinternals.com to check your system & disable startup items.
-Any adware/spyware running? Check with adaware from lavasoftusa.com

A 1.2 GHz with greater (512kB?) cache  can run better  than a 2GHz with lesser (256kB?) cache when all the other factors are taken into consideration. But other things being equal, the 2GHz one wins. But get a 2GHz P4, not celeron, if you can LOL.
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http://www2.geek.com/discus/messages/27/6102.html%3F1077217867    Geek.com Message Parlor: PIII versus Celeron
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It looks like it will be close - a Celeron 2.4 Northwood is a little better than a PIII 1.2 Tualatin http://www.tomshardware.com/2004/12/21/the_mother_of_all_cpu_charts_part_2/page14.html, and if this Celeron 2.13 is a Celeron D 310, it will be about 10 - 25% better than the same speed Celeron Northwood http://www.anandtech.com/printarticle.aspx?i=2093.  I would say a Celeron D 310 will outperform the PIII 1.2.
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