Viewing mail marked as private


exchange 5.5

got a user with her default mail account and another mailbox setup called CLERKS that she has permissions to edit.

Its a secondary account that requests are sent to that she sorts into various folders and responds to, if she is logged into outlook as herself she can open all mail in this box apart from mail flagged as private. If she logs into outlook as CLERKS she can open the pivate mail fine but not when she is logged in as herself.

Just wondering if there is a way to view the CLERKS account from her outlook that will allow her to see private mail.

Thanks in advance : )
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StuartWhyteConnect With a Mentor Commented:

No this is not possible.  The only account that can see mails marked "private" is the primary mail account.  This is by design and (as far as I am aware) can not be changed.


sparta_78Author Commented:
Bugger thanks Stuart
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