Share Access Times Out in Win2k3 Domain

I have a customer with a Win2k3 server functioning as the DC for a small domain with AD and XP pro workstations. A most peculiar problem keeps cropping up intermittently. At least once a week, access to shares on the server from the workstations stops. We have devised a workaround which consists of simply restarting the server. The most consistent aspect of this problem is that one workstation will ALWAYS lose access if a Word document on the server is left open for several hours. Then if the user tries to save it, he receives a "You may not have permission to access this file" message. In all cases, access to the email service on the server continues to work. I checked DHCP and the leases are all for eight days. Event Viewer is completely uninformative: no failures except an occasional random W32time sync failure. There are only four workstations, so it can't be a licensing issue. Two questions:
      1) What could be causing this problem?
      2) Is there a way to automate a periodic reboot of the server as a hand-off workaround, assuming that takes care of all symptoms?

Thanks for the help.
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Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
well done
Hi PCGenieLA,

the server restarting trick is easy to handle but i would prefer to find the solution before resorting to that.....

you have no power saving features enabled on the NIC of this machine?
mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
Next time the shares stop responding check the services applet for any automatic services that are stopped.
PCGenieLAAuthor Commented:
I  found the answer. It was a discount share entry in the server's registry. There is even a MS KB article on increasing the connect time. Following the instructions made the problem go away.
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