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I am trying to import some files into Crystal from a software package we use.  This software has a DB using Pervasive 9.  I had been able to link previously to the files but since the upgrade from Pervasive 8 to 9, I can only use MS access to import the files and run queries that way.  

The problem is that the data appears in Crystal until I try to run a query using date parameters.  Again, the only way I have found to get around this is import the file(s) into MS access and get it that way.

I have searched high and low on the net and also in Experts Exchange only to find a huge amount of info that does not appear to answer this specific problem...

Does anyone know of a solution to the apparent bug in Pervasive 9?

Can I import the file(s) to Crystal Reports v 10?

Any help is appreciated...  I never knew how much I use Crystal until I can't access my data...

Chris Emerson
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
According to this link CR 10 doesn't support Pervasive 9.

According to this even CR XI doesn't support Pervasive 9.

>>Can I import the file(s) to Crystal Reports v 10?
As far as I know the answer is no.

cemerson1Author Commented:
The odd thing is that I have several table files and some files work and some do not.  I appears the only thing that hangs things up is when I put date parameter is to query a certain month...

My hunch is that it's a bug within Pervasive but I cannot find anything on it...

Could be.  I don't know anything about Pervasive

Glad i could help

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