Unicom switches have bad ports after bad storm

Client has brand new network as of February 2006.
Installed three Unicom SmartGST-2402 switches (GEP-31124T-1).
System has been very fast and reliable until two weeks ago.
All switches are on a Tripp Lite battery backup unit.
Workstations are only on a $65 Belkin surge protector.
The CAT5e cables are not on a surge protector from the workstations (I think I've seen where you can get surge suppression for LAN connection...maybe I was dreaming)
Patch cords to the wall LAN jacks; LAN jacks are ran to a patch panel; one foot patch cords to the switches.
The morning after the bad storm each switch now has a bad set of ports; two switches have ports 10-15 blown (not working); another switch has ports 1-7 blown (not working).
When I called tech support on the switches, they mentioned that I should log into the console of the switch and try resetting/checking those ports.  
My question is:  Is this worth the effort?  The switch is bad, just turn into the insurance company and get replacement switches without the client having to pay for my time to check if the switch is bad.

Thanks for your thoughts, opinions, concerns...
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Hi bcaronongan,

its not hard to log into the console and reset so yes for sure, its quicker than waiting on insurance to pay out... if that fails then claim!
Have you tried cycling power on the switches?
bcarononganAuthor Commented:
The network was built twice as big as the client needed in case something like this happened.  They could get away with using 36 ports on the switches.  

I've power cycled the switches.

I'm going to try resetting the ports through the console and go from there.

Thanks for your comments!
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