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Custom Font

I would like to have custom fonts on my website. How can I go about doing this? Is embedded fonts the only alternative?

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Actually, you can create a GIF or PNG or JPG graphic with a text object in any font you want and save it and display it. (I know that is not what you wanted!)

However, if you want to use a non-standard font normally on your web site, I think embedded fonts ARE the only way.  BUT it is not as hard as you might think!  If you use Windows, get Microsoft's free Web Embedding Fonts Tool (WEFT) and embed whatever True Type fonts you want!  Use ten if you like, although most web designers I know of try not to more than two or three on a page.

Go to http://www.microsoft.com/typography/web/embedding/ for easy to understand info on embedding fonts.

Dwnload the the free Web Embedding Fonts Tool at

It is a FREE tool, well documented, and very easy to use.  You can even create ONLY the letters and symbols you need to make your pages load faster!
galbatojAuthor Commented:
Thank you rbartz. Unfortunately I am not able to use a .eot file extension on my server, as the file type is not allowed. However could you please elaborate on creating a GIF, PNG, or JPG graphic with a text object. Perhaps this is the only available alternative.

Thank you
Too bad on the .eot extension is not allowed... it is nice to have that option.  I never tried embedding a font with a different extension, but that might be worth a shot...

For text as graphics it is really easy.  Even Paint in Windows lets you create text objects in a graphic.  Just make a new blank graphic the size you want it to be on your web page, click on the text tool, choose the font type, color, background, and size you want, then insert your text in the graphic.  You can use any True Type font on your system.  

Usually GIF files are the smallest size when you go to save the finished product.  Quality is usually not an issue since you genereally only use one or two color text anyway.  One nice thing about doing it this way is that you can add 3D effects like drop shadows or outlines and so on if you have even a little more sophisticated graphics program.

Then you just put the graphic in your page like any other image.  This is especially good for banners and side bar text when you want vertical text etc.  It also is nice to make section headers for your content area with this kind of graphics.

A free graphics design program that does a lot is Ultimate Paint.  You can download a free edition from http://www.ultimatepaint.com/.  I use Paint Shop Pro because I do a lot of graphics work, but that free program does 90% of what I do for free.

Good luck.

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