OWA, GALS and Security

I have two gals.

One simply has our support email address in it and nothing else, the other has all users who are hosted on the exchange server.

What I want to do is set it up, so if a new user is coming online I can add them to a security group calls "new exchange user" this would allow them to see the gal with all the users.

Once they are setup they are removed from the group and they can now only see the gal with our support address in it.

This works very well until you start using rpc+http and OWA

OWA always shows the Gal with everyone in it.

From what I can see owa uses an ldap query to look up the GAL. So maybe I can apply security there? I'm not sure.

Please help!
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What did you do with the default GAL?
Are you still trying to use it?

You should block ALL access to the default GAL, then create two new address lists.

Did you change your OAB? That is attached to a address book.
For OWA, it uses the default GAL by default.

How did you deploy these multiple GALs?
Have you blocked access to the default GAL?

kspgroupAuthor Commented:
Yes, in fact I setup security group and what what I found was that OWA would pull up BOTH gals.
kspgroupAuthor Commented:
I should note, I have been unsuccessful in block a OWA user from a GAL. I'm not sure who exactly to block.
kspgroupAuthor Commented:
I had left the default gal still there. I will try that out today.
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