outlook read external file of vb codes

Is there a way to have msoutlook read a "module" from an external file?  Or create code to import the latest module into the users session?  It would allow me to update/change code as needed and have the user get the latest at all times.

Open to ideas...
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Hi woodan1,

the only way you could try to do this in VBA is programming to the VBE

on that pages you find samples how to add code, modules etc to the VB environment

but i've no idea if it would work in Outlook even though it works in Word or Powerpoint, its different in Outlook where you do not share a template except for the vbaproject.otm

so you could look into sharing that template among users

yes it needs more steps to replace an existing template but that's something you could do through a small script or bat file
if you put a folder on a network share they only need to start a script that replaces the current template before starting outlook

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