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What are the implications of deleting the Directory Replication Connector in Exchange 5.5?

1.  We need to know if, after deleting the connector, will all replicated mailboxes from other Exchange 5.5 sites remain on the server, or will they be automatically deleted (leaving only locally created mailboxes).

2.  Are there any other impacts to the Exchange 5.5 server, besides the changes to the directory structure (ie addresses)?

Thanks in advance

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if you delete the dir rep connector then the exchange sites would not have any information about each other and the mailbox entries would be removed from one server for the other server.

so, in simpler terms both the sites would not know about each others existence
Rakesh is right.

If you create a DirRep connector in 5.5 and use it to connect two sites, then the Dir.edb in each site will be poputated with information on the other sites mailboxes.

IF you deleted that DirRep connector, then those mailboxes in the interconnected sites would cease to have knowledge of each other, and users would complain of not being able to see so and so in that other site.

1. Upgrade to Exchange 2003 :-)

2. If you can't, then make sure you have DirRep connectors from all your sites, and never delete them without direction from Microsoft PSS or a very clear plan.

Let us know if you have need more help.
I agree with what was said above.
What will happen is that you will not be able to email users in other sites. The reason is that if you enter the email address of a user in another site (without directory replication) then your Exchange server will think that it is an internal address and will perform a directory lookup to determine where to send the message. The lookup will fail and the sender will get back an NDR saying the user does not exist.

May I ask exactly why you are considering this?
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