Exchange 2003 NDR sender address...

I have NDR's being sent to users so they know the status of thier messages, the only wierd thing is that the NDR's are appearing to come from my email address, and not an address. Where can I specify the NDR sender address?

Any ideas?
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ExchgenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My opinion would be to get in to active directory users and computers, find the email address

If this is found in your account use KB223860 to make the necessary changes.

By default exchange service account is assigned with which is responciable to send NDR's.

Please check, if you have your ID assigned as exchange service account.
sddeaconAuthor Commented:
Whats the best way to check that?
Open outlook, Compose a new email put "" in to box and do a check name, it will resolve the service account ID used by your exchange server.
postmaster@ is usually set to the account that was used to install Exchange.
Check the email addresses on your own account to see if postmaster is listed. If it is, then move it. I usually attach postmaster@ to the administrator's account.

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