MVC Framework routing all requests through index.php - performance

I'm currently developing a new MVC framework for projects in my company.  I'm a little new to MVC (Model View Controller) and have a question.   Is there any performance consequences by routing all url requests through a single index.php script?  For example, and requests to would go through  Example requests could be or

The index.php script would initialize the main controller which would then call the appropriate controller class to handle the request.
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It depends on what you're rating it in comparison to?  Just individual php files?  There shouldn't be.  As long as 'index.php' is written well enough to only load the common shared code before loading in the appropriate code for the specific page, it should be just as fast as going to an individual php file which basically has to do the same thing.  There would be a 'slight' difference since index.php has to load and then load the other php file, but depending on the machine it's running on, the difference should be between nanoseconds and microseconds.

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There shouldnt be any issues with that at all.
The PHP script is irrelevant, the php binary is what runs the script...

On windows the php.exe is what interprets the .php files.
If wouldnt make a difference if you had 20 files or just 1...
Unless that 1 file is uber inefficent... the coding of that file is what would cause issues.
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