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Posted on 2006-06-02
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   I have a list box called "lst_AddIPP_AvailableParts" which I want to pass by reference to a subroutine when the listbox is clicked. The subroutine enables or disables a button if there are any items in the listbox that are selected. The listbox has the multiselect property set to True. The calling code is below:

Private Sub lst_AddIPP_AvailableParts_Click()    
    EvaluateListClick lst_AddIPP_AvailableParts, btn_AddIPP_PartNLeft
End Sub

The function that evaluates the listbox, "EvaluateListClick" is defined below:

Private Sub EvaluateListClick(ByRef mylist As Access.listbox, ByRef mybtn As Button)
    Dim bck As Boolean
    Dim varItm As Variant
    bck = False
    For Each varItm In mylist.ItemsSelected
        bck = True
        Exit For
    Next varItm
    If bck = True Then
        mybtn.Enabled = True
        mybtn.Enabled = False
    End If
End Sub

The form crashes when the user clicks the listbox and the error message says: "Type mismatch". The debugger says the listbox passed to "EvaluateListClick" has a value of null. Interestingly if I use the listbox on the line above the "EvaluateListClick" call, it works fine. Also fine works when I pass the listbox as a parameter to a subroutine when a button is clicked. The only place I get this error is when I try to pass the listbox as a parameter from within the listbox event.

Not sure how to get rid of this problem. Can someone help?

To replicate, place a listbox on a form and add an onClick event. Use the above code for the implementation.
The listbox has the multiselect property set to True.

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ID: 16819043
what line does the type mismatch occur on?

Accepted Solution

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Private Sub EvaluateListClick(ByRef mylist As Access.listbox, ByRef mybtn As Button)

change it to:

Private Sub EvaluateListClick(ByRef mylist As Listbox, ByRef mybtn As as CommandButton)

Author Comment

ID: 16819100

Well done, MageDribble how did you know that was the culprit?


Expert Comment

ID: 16819186
Access doesn't have Buttons.  VB.NET does but Access does not.  Access only has CommandButtons and if you are in the Access environment you shouldn't need to prefix with Access.ListBox

I know that was the culprit because I've done it before :)

Good luck with your project!

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