Network Fax software recommendations for Exchange 2003?


   I've got an Exchange 2003 server at home that I'd like to run a fax server on.  I don't use faxing much, but from time to time need to fax something or need to receive fax and don't want to buy an internet account or try funbling around with my old fax machine.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a good fax software that will work with Exchange 2003?  I'll probably just connect a single modem to my exchange box, and buy a fax line from Vonage (my VIOP phone provider).  I'd be especially interested in free software, but am open to purchasing something.  I only need 1 or two user licenses as its just me and my wife that would use it.  I'm going to start some reasearch into this on my own, but if any of you other experts out there have any quick suggestions, I'd love to see them!

Thanks in advance!
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ExchgenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
RFAX / GFI FAX / faxination.

All the above work well with exchange 2003. Although i am not sure how much they cost.

BlevinsM3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I've used or implemented a few different ones, like Esker Fax, and other enterprise type deals. Never tried one for a single user/home implementation. Let us know what you find and how it works! Especially if its free.
MCPJoeAuthor Commented:
I think my challenge now is going to be finding one that works with exchange, I know 602 Software has a fax server, but I think it only works with their mail server.  So finding one that will work with Exchange and be affordable for a 1-2 user setup (or free) will be key!  Thanks!
MCPJoeAuthor Commented:
Looks pretty pricy, I checked on GFI FaxMaker and its over $600 for 10 users, with no smaller license available.  I think I'm going to have a hard time finding one for such a small scale.  Thanks!
MCPJoeAuthor Commented:
Well I'm going to go with a demo of GFIU for now, I'll keep my eye open for others, but thanks for the suggestions and information
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