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chmod vs setfacl

I am learning Suse and I can not figure out the deal with setfacl.  

Is setfacl just chmod  ?  
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This  utility sets Access Control Lists (ACLs) of files and directories.  On the command line, a sequence
of commands is followed by a sequence of files (which in turn can be followed by another sequence of com-
mands, ...).

This  manual  page  documents the GNU version of chmod.  chmod changes the permissions of each given file
according to mode, which can be either a symbolic representation of changes to make, or an  octal  number
representing the bit pattern for the new permissions.

Didi you noticed that setfacl set an access control list and chmod just changes the permission

bitmechanicAuthor Commented:

I guess what the problems is that I do not seem to under stand acls in linux.  

Can someone assist me ?

Points added :)

I had a closer look at setfacl and it more or less abit like chmod accept it also combines the chown which is owner.
with chmod you cant set the owner of the file you can only set the permissions whereas setfacl can set both the user and the permissions for that user.

chmod example:

chmod 755 public_html

This means that the owner who created the file has read,write and execute and the group as read and execute and everyone else
has read and execute.

setfacl example:

setfacl -m user:damian:rw- public_html

This hower sets the user damian has read and write access to the public_html even if he didnt create the file.

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