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Setting up an FTP server and adding user accounts using IIS

Dear All,

I am trying to set up an FTP server on my computer. I have followed the steps as directed in the tutorials and what I have done is below.

Fix my IP address to what I got from ipconfig /all.
Enable the port forwarding.

The question I have consists of two parts.

-Can I make user accounts for the FTP server without making user accounts appear on my initial windows login screen?
-How do I find out if FTP will work when connected to from a remote machine(provided I don't have another computer in a different network to try connecting)?
-The IP address I have fixed my IPs to is very suspicious-looking - - looks a bit too standard. I am connecting through a router in my house which is shared with couple more people (I have gone through the steps of enabling port forwarding). Needless to say, when I check my IP on ipchicken for instance, it is different. How do I find out the IP address I am to use when connecting from a remote machine?

Thanks is advance.

1 Solution
--In regards to the FTP accounts and uswer accounts, sounds like you are using Windows FTP server, I can help you out with this possibly, but first let me know what version of Windows and what FTP server you are using...

--The obvious answer, is have a friend try it from their house.  You may be able to find out if FTP is listening at least, but using http://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?rh1dkyd2, and scanning your network see if Port 21 is listening or open

--In regards to the FIXED IP....here is the issue, you probably have CABLE or DSL, and you probably DO NOT have a FIXED IP address, so finding your FTP site will not be easy like just typing for ex: FTP.myFTP.com.  To find out what your EXTERNAL IP address is, you can go into your router, and look on the DHCP Status page, it will tell you the IP you are pulling down from your ISP Cable/DSL provider.  THAT address will be the one where people from outside can access your FTP server.

Any local account created on machine, will show up on login screen.

If you do not want them to appear, change your logon to Secure Login Type. With this enabled you have to press Ctrl+Alt+Del to login with a userid and password.

As for your second question. You can be sure of the machine IP, if you are still able to browse internet and can ping other computers in your lan.

Ideally, you IP should be in same subnet as your router's internal IP.

If you get dynamic IP from your ISP, then you would have to take a Dynamic DNS Service like dyndns.org etc.
They will register a domain name and change the IP address associated with that domain name each time your IP changes.

If you have a static public IP, then all you need to do is to go on www.whatismyip.com and note it down.
Then from remote computer on internet, use that IP to connect to your FTP server.

you CAN hide a username from the xp login screen:

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