Microsoft Outlook, A good choice for a simple calendar and event list printout?


I'm using Calendar Creator 8.0 as my calendar schedule app.
But, it does not allow formatting of the printer output of an event lists to make a carry around list.  It's otherwise a good calendar program with nice presentation and easy  calendar entry as well as unlimited events and catagories.  No bugs. But no way to make a small paper event list for a wallet etc.

Will Outlook provide that option?  And if so, what will it do to my Outlook Express mail app?  The early versions of Outlook were a nightmare.  I don't need that again.   My wish list, The Razor V3 with a memo pad.

Howie KaySystems Engineer Lockheed Martin AerospaceAsked:
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David LeeCommented:
Hi Howie_Lynn,

No, Outlook does not natively provide a wallet sized event list report or printout.  Outlook is also very limited in its ability to customize printouts.  You could do this with a bit of scripting or if you have Crystal Reports you could create a report that'd produce this.

Outlook will not affect Outlook Express at all.  

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