Anonymizer Total Net Sheild


I have an Acer computer with Celeron.
A Windows XP is installed on the computer

I installed the "Anonymizer Total Net Sheild" and followed the instructions on how to configure the Internet explorer.

After I enter the user name and password for the Anonymizer software, it indicate that it is in the the "Secure" mode but in fact it is not when I check the IP address
through the Anonymizer site's Support page.

I suspect that either the "Norton anti virus 2004" or/and "Zone-Alarm Pro" are the cause of the Anonymizer not being secured.

What do you think?

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do u have any ports  blocked in ur place??
or try finding out whether any particular sevice is hindering the process like norton .. checking the norton logs..
try downloading this software .(disable any antivirus running)

this may give u a clue

Eaglek1Author Commented:
I uninstalled the Norton but still the browser is not secured.

My computer knowledge is limitted so I can not answer the question
"do u have any ports  blocked in ur place??"

I am just using one computer at home, in the right side of the task bar there is an icon of two computers with red "X" on them the icon reads"Local Area Connection
A Network cable is unplugged"

On the same task bar there is a similar icon but with no red "X" that reads "Speed
Touch Connection" which is the name of my DSL software.

In my previous computer with Windows 98, Zone-Alarm Pro,  but no Norton,
the "Anonymizer Total Net Sheild" worked fine the moment I installed
it and configured the browser.

do you think my post helped you  ???
is that the reason you had given me the points??/
pls do reply back

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