How to open a Maxtor External Drive

I have a drive here in the shop that is a Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 external hard drive. The thing has no screws or any other obvious ways to open the case. I need to get the hard drive out. How do I do it? Specifically, I would like a link to a guide if we can find one.

Thanks in advance.
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i had to put a small screwdriver between the blue case & the black sides, wedging the black sides off

the blue case just opens up, there is one screw underneath the label/tape near the top of the tray above the drive

underneath that tray is the circuit board with ide & pwr connector, lift the whole tray out & remove the screws underneath the tray holding the drive in
If there are no screws there are two possibilities. 1- you will slide it  2- you will pop the little clips

you can use a knife ( preferably not very sharp ) and try popping it open ( do not use absolute force ) then probably you will have to slide or see the screws.
on the side there are slides that hide the screws most of the time also.
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Maxtor should know. Check their knowledgebase here: documentation/data_sheets/product_line_card.pdf -

Good luck!
Pry the plastic clips (hidden) apart with a small screwdriver, starting at the front /back openings, and be careful, if you do it just right, the clips will pop, if too much pressure, they will snap.  Gooood luck....
also check under the little rubber feet if applicable.
I have taken an Iomega DVD-RW external drive apart ( and succesfully put it back together), so I imagine its the same procedure. Look at the seam along the sides...theres a small gap to " Gently" pry the case apart. One side at a time from front to back.  Separate the sides and Be real careful you don't launch the door spring, or break a hinge. I hope this can help you...Booda2us
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