Importing PST files

I am using Outlook 2003 and I would like to know how to import a pst file to a specific folder so that the emails in the pst file will not get mixed with emails I currently have in my inbox.

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yes you probably have to scroll down the personal folders to find the other pst file file
i got one open called archive folder

they should be on the same level in the treeview, you could also unexpand the personal folders for the moment to see the second one
Hi jskfan,

the easiest way is to use hte open data file item
1. in outlook goto file
2. point to Open and click Outlook Data File
3. browse for your pst and open it
4. now you create a new folder and copy the mails over to your current pst

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jskfanAuthor Commented:
When you go to:
file---open outlook data file-----the you select the pst file to open and you click OK. where does the pst file show up in the outlook left pane?
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