Intra-Company Instant Messaging Only . . . How To?

We ban all IM traffic on our LAN by usage policy and by firewalls and such.

But I do have a few users that could benefit from a SECURE SAFE instant messaging service.  I am not interested in an AOL, Yahoo, ICQ, etc. solution.

What I am looking for is a solution that has the following characteristics:

1) Be secure.

2) Leave an audit trail.  We want to be able to capture the IM conversations in case something needs to be proven in the future.

3) Only work intra-company.  I am not interested in chatting with customers, friends, or family.

4) Be an enterprise level piece of software.  What I mean by this is that I want it to be well engineered and not junk software that is going to cause other problems.

We run only Windows 2003 Standard servers on SP1.  They are fully patched.
We run Exchange 2003 on SP2.

I'd prefer to have a solution that runs on Windows Server 2003 or through Exchange 2003 but will consider an open source solution too.  I've not messed around with Linux in a couple of years.

Since this is a question that is asking for fairly broad advice and not step-by-step directions I will be splitting points to the post that get me on the best track.  I'd really like to hear from folks that are actually doing this in their company and not just on the whiteboard.

Thanks in advance for any help!  
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nprignanoConnect With a Mentor Technical ArchitectCommented:
What you are describing is Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005:

We use this.  

1) very secure

2) you can set the log time for the IM conversations

3) you can specify whether the client the users use is an internal client only, or if it is a .net passport service - in which users install the standard msn messenger client and can communicate with anyone, anywhere with the MSN client installed and a .net passport userID.

4) its an Office Server product, and integrates with Win Server 2003 and AD.

Its everything you are looking for.

dmcoopAuthor Commented:
That is EXACTLY what I want to do.  It looks like Microsoft has a 120 day trial on the product too.

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